Rock as Gloss is a 184-page hardback book comprising the following poems and five fictions:

Compass I

Rock Climbing for Novices
A Climber is Dialling Stone
a climb’s holds hold
20 KM²
i have in
Bored as a Boy on a Beach
stag in a slot
Metaphysical Mountaineer
as a climber clings
along an arête
A seagull’s shadow
A Ghost Jokes
the leaf stuck to my boot
a book in
Munro by Gone
a little shed
foot to ground
Adeptitude @

Compass II

Special Lighting, E2 5C †
Slackline & Tarn
Cracked Gabbro
Smiles Balanced on Teeth
The Ewe Stone

Compass III

The Geology Section
a ‘Johnny Dawes’ is a dot
metal on
Climber & Pedlar
comfortingly rough grit grips
from In Slate’s Hands
The Purest
three materials
Perceptions West of Outer Edge

Craig – from The Life & Climbs of Craig

Two Legends
Examination at the Crux-Door
Craig Tries the Media

adrenaline’s crisp flow
Keeping Balance
not earth’s pull
As I Cramponed Up One Morning
a first boot
The Tale of The Journey
rocky echo

Compass IV

An End of An Affair
Dear Ramblers
About Fields
Black Crag Grey